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Specialty grade coffee

Pick Me Up: Energize Your Work-From-Home Day

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Coffee Highlights:

  • Roast Level: Medium, striking the right balance between flavor and aroma.
  • Selection: Carefully selected to guarantee premium quality.
  • Origin: Proudly sourced from South America.
  • Sourcing: Ethically and sustainably sourced.
  • Quality: Premium specialty coffee grade.
  • Freshness: Roasted to order in small batches ensuring peak flavor.
  • Product Weight: 12oz


Why Pick Me Up?

Navigating the new normal, our homes transform into multi-role stages – offices, kitchens, and classrooms. Between client calls, we dash to school gates, whisk through grocery aisles, and make pit stops at dry cleaners. It's a seamless dance of dual responsibilities. Fueling this graceful choreography? Sustainable Beans' Pick Me Up Blend.

Sustainable Beans, Pick Me Up Blend isn’t just another coffee; it’s an experience. Designed exclusively with sustainably harvested beans from the verdant terrains of South America, this premium blend guarantees a rejuvenating sensation. Let it set the scene for a vibrant and productive day.



For those who relish versatility

Our Pick Me Up Blend fits the bill. Whether you like it black, paired with cream, or as the base for your favorite coffee concoction, it adapts to your taste.


Start Your Day Right: Elevate Every Morning

The Pick Me Up Blend isn’t just a drink; it’s a mood enhancer. Crafted to uplift your mornings, it establishes the ambiance for a delightful and accomplished day.


Packaging with Purpose: Eco-Friendly Choices

We take pride in our commitment to the environment. Our packaging reflects this dedication, utilizing recyclable materials. This ensures that while you savor our coffee, you're also making a positive impact on the planet.


Make a Difference with Every Purchase

When you buy our Sustainable Beans, you're not just investing in a quality coffee experience. A part of your purchase goes straight to our esteemed charity allies. These organizations work relentlessly to protect endangered species, rejuvenate habitats, and empower communities to nurture their environment. Let's collaborate for a brighter tomorrow.


Let's Craft a Greener Tomorrow Together!

Be a part of a global movement. Opt for Sustainable Beans today and embark on a journey toward a more sustainable future.

  • Freshly Roasted to Order

    Experience the Freshest Coffee: Roasted to Order, Shipped Same Day.

  • Recycled packaging

    Discover the Environmental Benefits with our Eco-Friendly Packaging

  • Giving Back

    Transform Lives, One Purchase at a Time: Make a Difference Today.

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    Complimentary Shipping: up to 3 bags