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Specialty grade coffee

Screen Fatigue: Relief from Digital Overload

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Coffee Highlights:

  • Cupping Notes: Dark Chocolate, Molasses, Brown Sugar.
  • Grower: Passionate Subak Abians.
  • Varieties: Bourbon, Typica, Catimor.
  • Altitude: Nestled between 3,937 - 5,249 Feet.
  • Certification: Unwavering commitment to 100% Organic beans.
  • Soil: Fertile Volcanic Loam.
  • Processing: Handpicked, wet-hulled, sun-dried on raised beds.
  • Product Weight: 12oz


Why Screen Fatigue?

The home office offers flexibility, but it also comes with its own set of challenges. From the incessant pings of incoming emails to the eye strain from back-to-back video calls and the marathon sessions of assignment submissions, Amidst this digital onslaught, there’s a sip of serenity waiting for you. Introducing our Screen Fatigue Specialty Single Origin Organic Coffee. More than just a coffee, it’s your mid-day retreat from pixel overload.

Venture into the enchanting flavors of Indonesia's Reserve. Cultivated with love by the dedicated Subak Abians, this unique single origin coffee promises an unrivaled sensory experience. Envelop yourself in the smooth nuances of velvety dark chocolate, the richness of molasses, and the comforting embrace of brown sugar. 

Originating from a meticulously curated blend of Bourbon, Typica, and Catimor beans, these cherries thrive at altitudes of 3,937 - 5,249 Feet, drawing their essence from the nutrient-rich volcanic loam soil. The cherries are handpicked, undergo a meticulous wet-hulling process, and are then sun-dried on raised beds, ensuring a cup that resonates with the distinct spirit of Kintamani's unique terroir.


A Gift Beyond The Ordinary

Gift a fellow coffee lover or treat yourself to Screen Fatigue, a journey that transcends the usual coffee experience. Dive deep into the tantalizing flavors of Indonesia with just a click.


A Toast to Mother Earth

Every bean is packed with care, not just for your palate but also for our planet. Our packaging, crafted from recyclable materials, stands as our ode to sustainability.


Brew A Better World

Your choice is a step towards positive change. A fraction of your purchase aids our associated charities in their noble missions, from conserving nature's marvels to fortifying local communities. Together, let's carve a future teeming with hope and greenery.


Be The Change!

Revel in the gourmet luxury of Screen Fatigue coffee and be an agent of positive change. Your brew today is a beacon for a brighter, greener tomorrow. Join Us At Sustainable Beans Today!


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  • Giving Back

    Transform Lives, One Purchase at a Time: Make a Difference Today.

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