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Specialty grade coffee

Low Battery the Ultimate Jolt

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Coffee Highlights:

  • Roast Profile: Medium-light, capturing the essence of the beans.
  • Caffeine Punch: Crafted for those who crave that ultimate jolt.
  • Selection: Specialty grade for the purest coffee experience.
  • Origins: A harmonious blend from Tanzania and Indonesia.
  • Sustainability: Ethically sourced, respecting both farmers and nature.
  • Quality: A testament to premium specialty coffee.
  • Freshness: Roasted in small batches, ensuring the freshest beans every time.
  • Product Weight: 12oz


Why Low Battery?

In the remote work journey, as day turns to dusk, energy fades like a dimming screen. Motivation blurs, tasks loom large, and the mind's 'low battery' signal blinks. Amidst this midday drain, when your internal vigor ebbs, our Low Battery Coffee Blend emerges as the perfect rejuvenating elixir.

Tired of coffees that only half-heartedly perk you up? Don't settle for less! Our blend, combining the distinguished Single Origin beans from Tanzania and the robustness of Indonesia Robusta, is tailored to deliver that impeccable balance of strength and zest. Dive deep into the world of authentic caffeine indulgence with our blend.





Your Daily Caffeine Fix

Whether kick-starting your morning, fighting the afternoon lull, or just yearning for a potent coffee experience, our Specialty Coffee - Maximum Caffeine Blend stands ready. Let each sip recharge you, letting you revel in the distinctive flavors and the caffeine surge this blend brings.


Elevate Your Coffee Moments

The time to settle for mediocrity is gone. Seize the day and upgrade your coffee sessions. Embrace the boldness, and let this blend rejuvenate your spirit. Today is the day, to make it count with a cup of our Low Battery blend.


Sustainable Packaging, Sustained Earth

In our quest for the finest coffee, we've not forgotten our planet. Our packaging reflects our commitment to Earth, crafted from recyclable materials. They aren't just good for storing our coffee, but they're also gentle on our environment.


Impact Beyond The Cup

With every purchase, you're making a significant impact. A share of your spending aids our partnered charities in their commendable endeavors, from conservation efforts to habitat restoration and community upliftment. Together, we can chart a greener, brighter path for our world.


Let's Make a Difference Together!

Immerse yourself today, in the world of premium coffee with Low Battery, and be a part of the change. Your choice today shapes a more sustainable tomorrow.

  • Freshly Roasted to Order

    Experience the Freshest Coffee: Roasted to Order, Shipped Same Day.

  • Recycled packaging

    Discover the Environmental Benefits with our Eco-Friendly Packaging

  • Giving Back

    Transform Lives, One Purchase at a Time: Make a Difference Today.

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    Complimentary Shipping: up to 3 bags