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Specialty grade coffee

WI-FI Woes: Forget the Digital Disconnects

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Coffee Highlights:

  • Roasting Brilliance: Freshly roasted to order, ensuring peak flavor.
  • The Roast Profile: Optimal for espresso.
  • Pure Indulgence: 100% premium arabica beans.
  • Bean Integrity: Meticulous Blended for perfection.
  • Origins: A harmonious blend of unique single-origin beans.
  • Conscious Sourcing: Ethically and sustainably sourced, reflecting our commitment to both quality and the planet.
  • Product Weight: 12oz


Why WI-FI Woes?

The modern WFH's battle cry? "Why is my Wi-Fi acting up now?!" Just as you're about to present or jump into that crucial group meeting, the dreaded spinning wheel of buffering begins, screens freeze, and voices robotically stutter. The unreliability of home Wi-Fi seems to sense the most critical moments to remind you of its capricious nature.

Our WI-FI Woes Blend, a masterpiece crafted for lovers of dark roasts and espresso aficionados, marries beans from prime coffee-growing regions. This blend radiates an intense character, beckoning with its heady aroma and leaving an indelible mark on your palate. Whether it's the deep intensity of an espresso or the velvety embrace of a cappuccino, this blend promises a coffee experience that transcends the ordinary.



Echoing Our Commitment to the Planet

While our blend promises to transport your senses, our packaging ensures peace of mind. Thoughtfully designed using recyclable materials, our coffee bags mirror our pledge to sustainability. Every sip you take is not just a nod to your refined taste but also a step towards a greener planet.


Brewing Hope with Every Purchase

Your choice to indulge in our blend is also a choice to support noble causes. A fraction of your purchase aids our partnered charities in their commendable endeavors – from safeguarding endangered species to nurturing and empowering local communities. Your coffee not only delights your palate but also contributes to weaving a brighter, sustainable future.


Unite for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Embrace the WI-FI Woes Blend. Relish its intricate flavors and be a part of our mission. With every brew, you champion a greener, brighter tomorrow. Order Today, and dive into a world of flavor, all while making a difference. 


  • Freshly Roasted to Order

    Experience the Freshest Coffee: Roasted to Order, Shipped Same Day.

  • Recycled packaging

    Discover the Environmental Benefits with our Eco-Friendly Packaging

  • Giving Back

    Transform Lives, One Purchase at a Time: Make a Difference Today.

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    Complimentary Shipping: up to 3 bags